Why I do what I do

I became a freelance copywriter in 2010, after 10 years of working in marketing and communication roles within the public sector. These roles were in higher education, leisure and tourism, and social care. You can see my full CV on my LinkedIn page.

I was successful and hard working but as I became more senior, I did less and less of what I loved: writing. So I eventually left my role as Web and Publications Manager for the University of Derby and set up on my own.

My track record

I soon found work through design and marketing agencies in Sheffield, Manchester and Derbyshire, as well as individual clients. I've gained a reputation for being thorough, creative and reliable - a rare combination. I've been lucky enough to write for a wide range of sectors, including:

  • education and training
  • aviation
  • software
  • creative industries
  • environmental
  • retail
  • travel and leisure
  • health and fitness
  • social care. 

I write for almost any format: websites, blogs, content marketing, email, brochures and printed material, advertising, social media, press releases (you get the idea!) I have even written the odd video script. 

Lucy was extremely thorough when asking me about my business. She was really interested in understanding the mechanics behind how we operated and explained that she would be focusing on the key benefits and selling points.

Lucy’s turnaround for a draft example was approximately 3 days and I was stunned at how well it was written. All my key benefits were there without reams of copy, and it was all laid out with headings, links and key words for my web designer to understand.
— Neil Stanley, Bottom Line Fitness
Lucy delivered significant change at Derby - a personalised website and prospectus; both major innovations in the sector at the time. She oversaw the brand and took our web and publications to a much better place, winning awards in the process. She is able to combine bigger picture and detail and remains reassuringly calm and credible throughout any situation.
— Peter Allen, former Director of Marketing, University of Derby